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New Blue Monster® Stay-Soft Thread Sealant Formulated for Fire Protection

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News Release
June 8, 2011

Contractors will appreciate the thread-sealing ability of new Blue Monster®  Stay-Soft, a PTFE-enriched pipe thread sealant specially formulated for the fire protection industry. Blue Monster™ Stay-Soft is chemically compatible for use with FlowGuard Gold®, BlazeMaster®, and Corzan® pipe and fittings. Stay-Soft does not harden and allows for pre-fab application to threads weeks before system assembly and pressurization. Blue Monster Stay-Soft is non-seizing and allows for easy disassembly of any threaded connection years after assembly. Stay-Soft is recommended for on-site or assembly line work. It is grit-free, lead-free, non-toxic, adheres to oily threads, and provides for easy cleanup. Blue Monster Stay-Soft is suitable for use on systems carrying acids, dilute, air, aliphatic solvents, alkalis, ammonia, glycol, LP gases, natural gas, refrigeration gases, steam, and water.

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