Blue Monster products perform so well
it's scary!

Contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike choose Blue Monster products because they are easier to use, designed to be of superior performance and they save time and money. Every product that bears the Blue Monster brand is engineered to the highest standard of quality and performance.

Blue Monster WhizzBanger Urinal Cleaner and Descaler

WhizzBanger - Urinal Cleaner and Descaler

BLUE MONSTER® Whizz Banger Urinal Cleaner & Descaler dissolves uric acid deposits, eliminates uric odors, cleans, and disinfects urinals and toilet bowls in one step!
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Blue Monster Velocity - Tankless Water-Heater Flush

Velocity™ - Tankless Water-Heater Flush

Blue Monster® Velocity, is a specially-formulated tankless water-heater flush that cleans and restores water flow and efficiency to 100% on commercial and residential tankless water heaters. Velocity is a fast-acting, easy-to-use compound with the strength needed to remove scale, lime, rust and other corrosive water-formed deposits in under 20 minutes.
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blue pvc cement

1 Step PVC Cement (Clear & Blue)

Blue Monster 1-Step PVC cement is a self-priming PVC pipe glue that requires no additional primer. The 1-step joining process simplifies installations by reducing labor and offers faster curing times before pressure testing.Ideal for under-the-sink jobs and home remodels, Blue Monster 1-Step PVC cement can be used on all classes of rigid and flexible PVC pressure pipe.
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Microbubble Leak Detector

Mill-Rose Blue Monster® Microbubble leak detector is a sensitive solution formulated to detect even the smallest of leaks in air and gas lines, tanks, cylinders, valves, fittings, pipelines, and other suspect areas.
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Drain Banger Bottles

Drain Banger

Blue Monster Drain Banger is a hot water activated drain cleaner designed to be used by professional contractors only. It is odorless and will not harm plumbing fixtures, porcelain or septic systems.
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Arctic Armor Thermal Gel Spray Bottle

Arctic Armor Thermal Gel

Blue Monster® Arctic Armor creates a thermal barrier that protects surfaces from costly heat damage during soldering, welding and brazing operations. Spray on hard-to-reach surfaces or apply to any surface to shield studs, walls, doors and other surfaces from flames, sparks and molten splash.
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