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Blue Monster products perform so well
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Contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike choose Blue Monster products because they are easier to use, designed to be of superior performance and they save time and money. Every product that bears the Blue Monster brand is engineered to the highest standard of quality and performance.

Monster Wipes Industrial Towels

Heavy-Duty Citrus Scrubbing Towels

BLUE MONSTER scrubbing towels are pre-moistened, heavy-duty cleaning towels dispensed from a handy, flip-top container that goes anywhere you go.
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Monster Wipes Industrial Towels

Monster Wipes Industrial Towels

9” x 12” industrial towels for general cleaning and scrubbing, heavy-duty wiping of grease, oil, chemicals and dirt.
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Power Deuce Brushing Tools

Two Brushes in One! The Power-Deuce is a multl-function brushing tool that cleans the inside of copper fittings and outside of copper tubing without having to change tools. Clean fittings and tubing fast! Plus, if your drill quits, you can use it as a hand tool.
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Six-in-One Brush

Blue Monster Six-in-One Brush cleans the inside diameter of 1/2" and 3/4" fittings and outside diameter of 1/2" and 3/4" tubing. The deburring plate reams and deburrs the I.D. of tubing, has a b-tank gas key (square opening on plate), and also serves as a bottle opener.
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Heavy-Duty Fitting Brushes

Blue Monster fitting brushes set the industry’s standard for quality. Features include heavy-gauge galvanized stem wire and double-stem, double-spiral construction for long-lasting performance.
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Torch Guard Heat Shield

The Blue Monster® Torch-Guard® Heat Shield, protects studs, walls, floors and surfaces from flames, sparks and molten splash during soldering and brazing operations.
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Advantage Closet Bolts

Includes two each solid brass bolts, brass open-end acorn hex nuts, brass round washers and nylon tinnerman nuts.Raised knobs on underside of the foot prevents movement after installation. Patent pending broach-tip design shows the installer the direction of the bolt foot while setting the toilet.
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Ultra Flex Sand Cloth

From the recognized leader in abrasives, Mill-Rose brings you Blue Monster premium open mesh and Ultra-Flex abrasive cloth. These revolutionary, high-performance abrasives are tough! Blue Monster outlasts all others in the most demanding conditions, wet or dry. Plus, Blue Monster’s wider design provides more surface-to-surface coverage making it easier and faster to prep metal and plastic surfaces.
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Compression Seal Tape

Blue Monster Compression Seal Tape stops problem leaks while under pressure - without turning off the water source! Blue Monster Compression Seal Tape is ideal for crisis and long-term applications.
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