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July 22, 2020

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Videos demonstrating the use of Blue Monster products in plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration applications are now available from the Clean-Fit Products division of The Mill-Rose Company.

The videos demonstrate how to address issues commonly experienced by P/H/C contractors including applying PTFE thread seal tape to effectively seal metal and plastic threads; using anti-seize tapes and lubricants to prevent seizing, galling and corrosion; using spray-on thermal gel to protect combustible surfaces from direct flames; cleaning fittings and tubing for proper soldered connections; plus numerous other applications.

“Our videos focus on educating as well as showing off features that make Blue Monster products the tool of choice for professional contractors,” said John Kirkland, Sales Manager for Clean-Fit Products. Over eight (8) Blue Monster demonstration videos were initially produced and can be viewed at and Blue Monster Products’ YouTube channel.

For further information contact Clean-Fit Products, 7310 Corporate Blvd., Mentor, Ohio 44060. Call 800-321-3598, fax 440-255-1072, e-mail or visit the company’s website at